About Jim Prinzo

As a sensitive, caring, and intuitive energy worker, Jim specializes in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Usui Reiki, Ho’oponopono, and Yoga Nidra.

Through a variety of complimentary therapeutic modalities, Jim thoughtfully tends to the needs of the entire person; body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

The body is very resilient but at times requires a guide to direct it back to a natural, healthy state. Jim assists in this process, providing services that promote healing in a gentle and organic way.

As an educator, Jim shares his knowledge and offers his clients methods of energy release, which they can use in daily life.

Join Jim on the path to well-being! His encouragement provides people with a new way of learning, growth, and openness, which leads to every good thing a healthy life has to offer.

Member of the American Holistic Medical Association

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Member of the Hands-On Trade Association

The Hands-On Trade Association is an association of professionals in fields related to Healing, Therapeutic and Relaxing touch. 

Certifications, Associations and Training

2006 – EFT Practitioner – Sedona Heart Center, Sedona , Arizona

2007 – Reiki Master/Teacher – St. Joseph Center, Cleveland, Ohio

2008 – Minister (non-denominational) Universal Life Church

2009 – Yoga Nidra Practitioner – Lilly Dale, New York

2010 – Ho’oponopono Practitioner

2012 – American Holistic Medical Association

2014 – Hands-On Trade Association

2015 – Check Out Fall and Winter Class Schedule

2016 – Classes to be Announced! 

News from AARP Magazine

Dr. Oz: America's Hardest Working Doctor

By Margaret Guroff, May & June 2010

"Oz believes the greatest medical advances of the next decade will come from manipulating the body's flow of energy, as Chinese practices such as acupuncture seem to do. 'I've always been frustrated that we've not been able to measure energy,' he says. 'But I'm not willing to write off what a billion people think is possible, just because we can't measure it in the West."

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Dr. Oz, CNN interview on Alternative Medicine. 

He calls Reiki one of the most important alternative medical treatments and considers it to be the medical frontier of the next decade. (Dr. Oz with Reiki Master Carolyn Coleridge)

This YouTube video with Dr. Oz and Energy Worker Richard Gordon talking about Energy Medacine and Quantum Touch